Friday, January 21, 2011

1.0.7 Update

With the release of 1.0.7 we have a couple notable changes.

First I added weapon, shields, off-hand and so on a so forth to the search function. So now ou should beable to search for any specific Inventory slot for you characters.

The other notable thing is, I changed the way you switch between Normal and Heroic raid modes. Now you just check a box to switch between modes.

I also fixed some not so notable typos in the database.

Lastly I've gotten many suggestions on what people would like to see implemented into the app. I'm only 1 man doing this as a part time "hobby",  I do as much as I can in the evenings and on weekends.

So I'm asking your opinions on what the majority of users what to see next. I've added a poll below with a few items I was either planning on adding or have been suggested to me, so please vote and get your favorite feature bumped up the priority list

As always shoot me an email with bug reports or suggestions @ I try to reply to every email in a timely fashion.

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